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K.K. Rampage is: Johnny Rampage, Ben Fairbank, Elliot B. Past members include Brandon Bordenkircher, Matt Mele, Nicky B, Billy Joyce, etc Johnny Rampage and Brandon Bordenkircher founded K.K. Rampage in Pretty Thigh-- "Dietary Fantastic For The Stars" -- split cassette with Shearing Pinx N -- "No Run From Blues" -- Vexation cassette Anni Rossi -- "All The Way To Marine" -- My Grandmother Was A Church Organist cassette. The only criticism I have of this tape as a whole doesn’t involve the music but when we get to the Shearing Pinx track (billed here as Shearing Pinks for some reason) there is a huge volume drop off. I’m not sure why cause these are pro-dubbed tapes and all but you gotta crank it up to hear the kenotihytosoundbicobicakingmul.coinfo: Auxiliary Out.

Jul 10,  · PRETTY THIGH – Dietary Fantastic for the Stars – split cassette w/ Shearing Pinx – Isolated Now Waves *new PRETTY THIGH – Scrotember 11th Meets Dracula – Summer Tour CDR – HIV Tarnations *new ROBIN WILLIAMS ON FIRE – title unknown – Demo CDR – Self-Released *new. Related to The Joneses - Pretty, Pretty / Mary Mary  Sub Carrier - Pretty Vacant  Kulcha Knox - Pretty Gal Unoo Want  Shearing Pinx, Pretty Thigh - Split. The “improvised sound rituals” featured on Midday Veil’s “Subterranean Ritual II” shimmer and sway in a slow motion psychedelic breeze. With droning analog synth, reverberant baritone guitar, and gentle tom strokes leading the way, Emily Pothast’s treated wordless vocals fill in the spaces between, creating a spectral ambience that recedes and crests to the group’s own highly. Lunch Lady / Shearing Pinx split tape (Will Anderson) Underpass – About Violence tape. Pretty sure that was a one-off, even though it had an edition number of “1 of ” Taylor Burgess. Beard Closet // Primate Pyramid’s hairy split cassette (James Lindsay) The Courtneys – s/t LP (Will Anderson) Ex Libris: Michael DeForge – Lose 5. Dec 26,  · GREY DATURAS // It Was // split cassette w/ Shearing Pinx // Isolated Now Waves *new They seem to have a pretty good take on the woeful ennui that make Saxon hearts (& veins) flutter & I wouldn't be suprised to meet this band & find'em wrapped in scarves that had once been owned by JG & Ch 39 or other, lesser known phlegmatic Deutsch. Jan 15,  · The new LP is pretty good, but in my opinion, their best recordings are those Live at the Hemlock songs that were posted on Lemon Sessions a while back. I've always wanted their records to sound more like that. F.M.G. // Smear Test // split cassette w/ Shearing Pinx // Isolated Now Waves *new F.M.G. // Cold Feet.


Groove Or Die - Andy Timmons - That Was Then, This Is Now - The Best Of X-Tacy (CD), Final Blast - Rapt / Final Blast - Rapt / Final Blast (Vinyl), Dead Melodies - Beck - Mutations (Cassette, Album), Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun (CD), Im The Greatest - John Lennon - Studio Tracks Vol. 1 (CD), Wonderground

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  1. St. Dad/ Shreds – split tape - $2. St. Dad – Keep It in Your Pants - $3. Vivian Girls – Vivian Girls (fuck it tapes) - $3. Women in Prison – Demo - $3. White Suns – Cavity - $6. White Suns / Shearing Pinx – split .
  2. Shearing Pinx (Canada) + Gaarth. Hub, all ages. SAT, APR 9 Get Shot + Drastic Actions + Killdevil + Number Thirteen. 10 pm @ Distillery, L St. $5, 21+. Greg Ginn and the Royal We + Garage Jazz Architects. 8 pm @ Naked Lounge, H St. All ages, $6. MON, APR 11 Deskonocidos + Criaturus. Hub, all ages. TUES, APR
  3. Dec 11,  · l'etoile de mer () is a short film directed by man ray it showed at the olympia film festival society's capitol theater tonight this is opening night of the 25th annual Olympia Film Festival. i can see the new marquee half lit up through the rain i wanna encourage you local types to check out the movies tomorrow, especially the bridget irish curated Cine-X series.
  4. Related to The Joneses - Pretty, Pretty / Mary Mary  Sub Carrier - Pretty Vacant  Kulcha Knox - Pretty Gal Unoo Want  Shearing Pinx, Pretty Thigh - Split.
  5. "There's already a cassette industry, but it's pretty subterranean," Thurston Moore told CBC radio last summer. the Twerps, Shearing Pinx, Dirty Beaches, Savage Young Taterbug, and Reed's own.
  6. Monosodic Dystopia of Common Hearts: Discografía completa, released 08 October 1. Nobody's Perfect 2. Breakout Of The Make Believe 3. Bareback Photoshoot 4. In The Shower With Her Clothes On 5. Achy Breaky Dad 6. Born Destiny Hope 7. If You Text It I'll Delete It 8. Can't Be Quiet Or Cute 9. For The Heart Of A Jonas
  7. Dec 18,  · Shearing Pinx finally crawl back to the wax after spending mucho time on the micro cassette releases, and let me tell you, this one is worth all them recent cassettes plus some. Neck crackin ' now-wave bruisers stand side by side with lengthier excursions into tightly wound riffage, all of which comes spillin ' out like so many bleedin.
  8. Shearing Pinx are an Experimental/Punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, kenotihytosoundbicobicakingmul.coinfo in , the band is made up of Nic Hughes (Vocals/Guitar) and Jeremy Van Wyck (Drums). The band has over 50 releases including vinyl records, cassettes and CDs, most of which are on singer Nic Hughes' own record label Isolated Now Waves.. The band is often associated with The Emergency Room Genres: Experimental.

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